Viking Television Network


South Brunswick School District operates two television stations, VTN District Productions and VTN S.B. High School Productions. Viking Television Network is available to all township residents that have Comcast Cable Channel 28 and Verizon FiOS Channel 36. Please check the daily programming guide to view the VTN broadcast schedule.

Board of Education meetings are recorded live and are replayed regularly throughout the week. South Brunswick High School's Morning Announcements are also broadcast twice daily after they are recorded in the school's television studio. Additionally, the station features select programming from the elementary, middle and high schools as well as Community Education.

All events that appear on VTN are recorded and edited by the staff and students of South Brunswick Public Schools. Tune into VTN or view the bulletin board for program scheduling details. Replays of programming may also be available on the District VTN Player.


VTN Staff

David Frost
District Station Manager

Reginald Carlson
Crossroads Studio Manager

Timothy Sweeney
High School Studio Manager

Production Team

Jennifer Diszler

Sharon Johnson

Reginald Carlson

Kristin Laskin

David Frost

Shaun Ruymen

Timothy Sweeney

Jennifer Osemwegie