Teacher Keynoter Award

Teacher Keynoter Award
Teacher Keynote Award

The fall in-service day highlights a District tradition that honors faculty. For 18 years, South Brunswick has selected one of its teachers to present the Keynote Speech. The honoree, a distinguished "master teacher" is asked to share his/her story, both professional and personal, in front of all South Brunswick administration and faculty at the fall Professional Development Day. This honor is called the Spicer-Stewart Keynoter Award, a distinction begun by the former Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Samuel B. Stewart and Assistant Superintendent, Willa Spicer. A Tiffany crystal apple paperweight is presented to the honored recipient as a gift from Dr. Stewart and Mrs. Spicer.

Spicer-Stewart Keynoter Award recipients

2023 - Keisha Spencer, South Brunswick High School

2022 - Carol Clark, Greenbrook

2021 - Stephen Dentler, S.B. High School

2020 - Yvonne Smogard, Patricia Metzger, Brian Eichert, Rebecca Hye, Meryl Orlando, Patricia DelGuercio

2019 - Gary Yepez, Crossroads Middle School

2018 - Amy Bertelsen-Robles, Indian Fields

2017 - Virginia Kraft, High School

2016 - Paige Rimmer, Crossroads South

2015 - Tracey Ricco, Brooks Crossing

2014 - Rachel Atzert, Indian Fields

2013 - Maureen Hartman, Crossroads North

2012 - The fall PD Day was cancelled due to inclement weather and schedule conflicts prevented it from being rescheduled.

2011 - Jeffrey Tuliszewski, S.B. High School

2010 - Tara Burniston, S.B.H.S.; Shanna Gardner, Crossroads North; Maryanne Carrino, Constable

2009 - Aparna Rajagopal, S.B.H.S; Susan Zavaglia, Crossroads South; Michelle Downie, Brooks Crossing

2008 - Gloria Listner, Cambridge

2007 - Jill Rubenstein, Brooks Crossing

2006 - Margaret Querec, Constable

2005 - Brian Young, Crossroads South

2004 - Marilyn Weichman, S.B. High School

2003 - Lori Woods, Greenbrook

2002 - Ana Liptak, Crossroads South

2001 - Mark Ziminski, S.B. High School

2000 - Twila O'Connell and Kristen Greenup, Constable

1999 - Anna Johnson, Monmouth Junction

1998 - Susan Winstanley, Crossroads South

1997 - Kenneth Kowalski, Brunswick Acres

1996 -Brian Biemuller, S.B. High School