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Grade Letters and Opt-Out Procedures

Parents/caregivers will be emailed letters that discuss the health lessons, standards and opt out procedures for grades 2,5, 6,7 & 8. High School health teachers will provide parents with course outlines and opt out procedures at the start of each health course in grades 9, 11 and 12.

Grade Level Resources

Grade 2

2.1.2.SSH.1 - Discuss how individuals make their own choices about how to express themselves.

Kids Books Read Aloud: It's OK to be Different by Sharon Purtill


2.1.2.SSH.2 - Discuss the range of ways people express their gender and how gender-role stereotypes may limit behavior.

Thomas & Friends on Gender Equality - Goal #5


Pink is for Boys


Grade 5

2.1.5.SSH.1 - Describe gender-role stereotypes and their potential impact of self and others.

A Class That Turned Around Kids' Assumptions of Gender Roles!


2.1.5.PGD.1- Explain the relationship between sexual intercourse and human reproduction.

Reproductive system - Kids | Britannica Kids | Homework Help

2.1.5.PGD.2 - Examine how the body changes during puberty and how these changes influence personal self-care (ex: hygiene/cleanliness).

Always Changing and Growing Up

Puberty Education Boys


Puberty Education Girls


Grades 6-8 Health Resources:

Resource Page Middle School Health

Grade 8

2.1.8.PGD.3: Describe the human reproductive systems, the external and internal body parts and their functions, and the natural variations that exist in human bodies.

Male Reproductive System
Female Reproductive System

2.1.8.CHSS.2 - Describe the state and federal laws related to age of consent, minors’ ability to consent to health care, confidentiality in a healthcare setting, child pornography, sexting, safe haven and sex trafficking. (The age of consent in NJ is 16, meaning that anyone who is at least 16 years of age can legally consent to sexual activity with another adult - no matter what age)

Tea and Consent


2.1.8.CHSS.3 - Identify the state and federal laws related to minors’ access to sexual healthcare services, including pregnancy and STI’s/HIV prevention, testing, care and treatment.

2.1.8.CHSS.4 - Identify community resources and/or other sources of support, such as trusted adults, including family members, caregivers and school staff, that students can go to if they are or someone they know is being sexually harassed, abused, assaulted, exploited or trafficked.

Guidelines for Schools on the Prevention of Human Trafficking of Students |

Grade 11

2.1.12.SSH.1: Analyze the influences of peers, family, media, social norms and culture on the expression of gender, sexual orientation, and identity.

The Genderbread Person , HiTops Presentations

Grade 12

2.1.12.CHSS.3 - Explain the purpose of the Safe Haven Law and identify locations in your community.

NJ Safe Haven Infant Protection Act

Additional resources (can also be accessed on the SBSD District Website):

Mental Health/Wellness

Social Emotional Learning