South Brunswick School District desires to respond to stakeholders concerns and/or questions as quickly and effectively as possible. In South Brunswick, the chain of command refers to communication levels of authority in the school district. The value of having an established Chain of Command is an efficient tool that provides a roadmap when reporting concerns or communicating with school staff members.


What is “Chain of Command?

In South Brunswick Schools, the chain of command refers to communication levels of authority in the school district. It is important to begin the process at the lowest level. Many questions are quickly and completely answered by communicating directly with the affected staff person. South Brunswick Schools use the Chain of Command as an essential tool in guiding the community to the best person to speak with regarding questions that arise in a school system.

Why can’t I start right at the top with the Board of Education (BOE)?

The Board of Education (BOE) is purposefully the last link in the chain or roadmap. The BOE must be able to make an impartial judgment in the concerns brought to them for consideration. If the BOE has prior knowledge or has made a judgment, then the employee or student will not get a fair process and the concern could be dismissed. BOE will only review concerns that are unresolved after completing the Chain of Command process.

We look forward to assisting you. Please click on the link that best relates to the matter that you would like to resolve.

**If your concern is not listed here, please start with your child’s school:

School Phone
Brooks Crossing (732) 821-7478
Brunswick Acres (732) 297-6621
Cambridge (732) 297-2941
Constable (732) 297-2488
Dayton (732) 329-5200
Deans (732) 329-5200
Crossroads North (732) 329-4191
Crossroads South (732) 329-4633
Greenbrook (732) 297-2480
Indian Fields (732) 329-1043
Monmouth Junction (732) 329-6981
SB High School (732) 329-4044