Board Goals


South Brunswick Board of Education
Board Goals - 2023 - 2024

Our Mission:

South Brunswick Board of Education will be an effective and efficient governance body that represents the needs of the students and the concerns of the citizens, taxpayers and parents to school administrators establishes and directs the district goals. By working with the Superintendent the Board sets policies, goals and objectives and holds the Superintendent responsible for implementing and achieving them.

Our Goal:

The Board of Education will develop and maintain the appropriate methods of communication that will inform, support and engage our school community. The Board will remain aware of and responsive to the community’s varied values and priorities and shall engage in respectful and timely interactions with the entire community. This shall be attained through the following:

Continue to Address the Fiscal Challenges
  • Budget process will be communicated, transparently, strategically and effectively.

  • The Board will support funding and policy towards innovation and the exploration of alternative ways of funding for the district.

  • Given the substantial budget cuts, the Board must be fully aware of revenue and expenses monthly, and plans going forward.

  • Continue to monitor and support financial best practices, keeping in mind that this is a vital area to ensuring student achievement at a high level
Improve Stakeholder Communication
  • Utilize the district “Chain of Command” to provide support and guidance to the community and all constituents on how to obtain the support they need.

  • Updates provided to parents and community on Board items of interest via website or district updates.

  • Improve transparency on follow-up communication between the Board and the administration regarding implementation of policies and individual parent communication.

  • Monitor district work towards equity for all students through quarterly updates.
Improve Committee Effectiveness
  • Adherence to committee attendance.

  • Minutes and action items to be completed and posted in a timely fashion ensuring all reports are distributed to all Board Members inclusive of committee recommendations.

  • Provide separate minutes section for board meetings on portal and website.
Ad-Hoc Committee(s)
  • Advocacy Committee to address reductions in state aide.