Safety and Security

In 2010, the New Jersey Legislature and Governor collaborated to enact a new law that enhances the safety measures and security drills that are to be conducted in public schools. As you already know, South Brunswick Schools have been in the forefront of security drills for several years working in an effective partnership with the South Brunswick Township Police Department.

The new law creates several changes that we want to share with parents so that you will be well-informed and well-positioned to talk with your children who may need your reassurance. Safety and security issues can be frightening, especially for our youngest students. Our hope is to assist our students, not to be afraid, but to understand the serious nature of these activities and to know the importance of prompt and effective participation.

Additionally, the new law reduces the two fire drills per month requirement to one fire drill per month. Replacing the second fire drill is the new requirement for one security drill per month. While we will still conduct two drills per month, one will be a fire drill and one will be of a security nature. More specifically, schools will be required to conduct the following types of security drills:

  • Active Shooter
  • Evacuation
  • Bomb Threat
  • Lockdown

Each school year, we will need to conduct each of these drills twice per year.

Be reassured that we have operated with carefully designed safety and security plans for years. While the Board of Education annually approves our plans, the sensitive nature requires that the specifics of these efforts remain undisclosed.

Each school month, we will be conducting security drills in all of our schools. Our commitment is to practice good safety and security activities so that, if ever needed, your children are best prepared to remain safe. You can assist by reinforcing the importance and necessity of these activities.

Medical, Emergency and Crisis Response Teams

In case of a medical, emergency or crisis situation, a systematic response from the teams can be expected. Based on the severity of the situation, either a district, multi-school or school-based response will be initiated.

Medical, Emergency and Crisis Response Teams Information

School Safety & Security Measures - August 2018