Special Education Programs and Locations

Resource Center/ICS/ICR Programs                                  

·     Brooks Crossing School
·     Cambridge School
·     Constable School
·     Indian Fields School
·     Crossroads North
·     Crossroads South

·     High School

Preschool Disabilities Programs

·     Deans and Dayton Schools

Emotional Regulation Impairment Programs

·      Brooks Crossing School

Learning/Language Disabilities Programs (Mild to Moderate and Severe)      

·      Monmouth Junction School
·      Indian Fields School
·      Greenbrook School
·      Crossroads South

Developmental Disabilities/Life Skills - Multiple Disabilities Programs

·      Greenbrook School  
·      Crossroads South
·      High School


Developmental Disabilities/Life Skills - AUTISM/ABA Programs

·      Brunswick Acres School
·      Cambridge School
·      Crossroads South
·      High School

For more information on ADA, 504, IDEA, Special Education Services and  Programs, and Child Study Teams, contact

Raphael Morales, Director of Student Services at (732) 297-7800 x 3135.