Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

South Brunswick School District recognizes the importance of providing current and accurate information to members of the community. There are times when parents, members of the community or perspective residents have questions about District/school policies and procedures.

Often times, informational requests are similar in nature. In order to provide consistent, accurate information to those who make inquiries, the District has developed a Frequently Asked Question list.

Questions listed below are generated from our support staff and administrators, who often handle such inquiries. Answers are consistent with District policies and procedures.

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Previously Asked and Answered FAQs

How can I learn what elementary and/or middle school my child will attend?

All registration information is contained on our website. A listing of neighborhoods and the elementary school assignment can be viewed at: CLICK HERE TO SEARCH ADDRESS AND LOCATE WHICH SCHOOL YOUR CHILD WOULD ATTEND 

Please note middle school assignment follows the elementary school assignment. Please also note that as our enrollment continues to increase, these assignments may be altered in the future to accommodate growth.

What is the entrance age for admission into the South Brunswick School District Kindergarten and First Grade program?

The South Brunswick Entrance Age Policy states that students must attain the age of 5 by October 31 of the school year in which they are seeking enrollment in our Kindergarten Program. This Policy is the same for admission to First Grade (age of 6 by above-noted date).

Board Approved Policy 5112 - Entrance Age. Please note that within the policy it is stated:

No child will be admitted to Kindergarten who has not met the age requirement set by this policy

The Policy reads:


A child is eligible for entrance into Kindergarten who will have attained the age of five years on or before October 31 of the year in which entrance is sought.

No child will be admitted to Kindergarten who has not met the age requirement set by this policy.

First Grade

A child is eligible for entrance into First Grade who will have attained the age of six years on or before October 31 of the year in which entrance is sought.

No child will be admitted to First Grade who has not met the age requirement set by this policy.

Does South Brunswick School Distict have a Pre-school program for children who are 4 years of age?

The South Brunswick School District offers a Pre-School Disability Program for children ages three and four who have been evaluated by a Child Study Team and found to be eligible for Special Education and related services. The District also offers and Integrated Pre-School Program for disabled students in the regular education environment. A very small number of regular education students are included in the program. Contact the number that follows for more information. If you have concerns about your child's development, please call the office of Student Services at (732)297-7800 Ext. 3135.

What schools in the South Brunswick School District currently have the "Blue Ribbon" designation?

The following South Brunswick schools have been recognized as Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence:

Cambridge Elementary School

Constable Elementary School

Greenbrook Elementary School

Crossroads Middle Schools

South Brunswick High School

Please note that Blue Ribbon status does not carry a "maintenance" requirement. It is expected that the rigor of the evaluation reveals that the behaviors the visiting committee observe are not likely to change but, rather, are a part of the fabric of the school.

We are moving from the school district and need to have records transferred to our child's new school. Can you please tell me how this is done?

Please contact Central Registration at 732-997-4314 or [email protected] to obtain an appointment to transfer your child. A transfer card will be prepared by the Registrar. The parent's signature is required as well as the name and address of the new school. After you have received the transfer card from the Registrar present this card to the school to request copies of student or medical records. Once South Brunswick is notified by the new school of your child's enrollment, all official school records will be released to that school.

When transferring from Other School Districts are student records required?

Although the former school district is expected to forward academic information to the new school district upon notification of enrollment, it is helpful if copies of standardized test scores and the latest report card and or transcript are presented at the time of registration. This is not mandatory. Please be prepared to share the name, address and phone number of your child’s former school.