Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Curriculum

The South Brunswick School District Curriculum being taught at the fifth grade level integrates the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) with developmentally-appropriate concepts. We teach for deep understanding of the "big ideas" in each content area, and we encourage students to wonder about the "essential questions."Technology is integrated into instruction in meaningful ways. Students and teachers use digital tools and information to solve problems individually and collaboratively to create and communicate knowledge. (NJCCCS 8.1)

Fifth Grade Curriculum


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Fifth Grade Curriculum Highlights


Topics of Study:

Number Sense and Numerical Operations: Multiplication, Division, Fractions, and Decimals

Geometry and Measurement: Geometry, Measurement

Patterns and Algebra: Patterns, Algebra, and Functions

Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Math: Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Math

Math Processes: Problem Solving, Communication, Connections, Reasoning, Technology

Spelling Connections Program

Teachers use the "Writing Workshop" approach to teach students writing. During "Writer's Workshop" teachers use mini-lessons to deliver instruction, provide opportunities for students to write independently and deliver individual student conference to raise the quality of writing.

Students explore what it means to be a writer. They write for many purposes and different audiences.

Fifth grade units include Personal Narrative, Fiction, Essay, and Research.

Students will be taught many writing skills through mini-lessons. Some of the skills students will learn are:

* Use of details
* Effective word choice
* Transitional words
* Varied sentence length
* Show don't tell

The fifth grade reading program consists of both Guided Reading and Whole Class Novel study.

The following are the genres of focus: Historical Fiction, Biography, Everyday Text, Fiction, Nonfiction

Through mini-lessons students will learn the following strategies and skills:

* Story structure elements
* Predicting
* Inferencing
* Making connections
* Visualizing
* Summarizing
* Analyzing text
* Drawing conclusions

In fifth grade, the students study the following aspects of World History:

The Five Themes of Geography:

* Location
* Region
* Human-Environment Interaction
* Place
* Movement

Beginnings of Society:

* Fertile Crescent
* Ancient Egypt/Nubia
* Ancient Indus Valley
* Ancient China

The fifth grade Science curriculum uses the NGSS Standards and focuses on the following units:

* Interactions Between the Earth, Sun, & Moon
* Properties and Changes of Matter
* Ecosystems and Earth's Resources