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Mrs. Stanislawczyk

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ABA Grades 2-3

Ms. Agugliaro

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ABA Grades 4-5


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ABA Grades 2-3

   Ms. McDonald

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ABA Grades 1-2
 Ms. Heintz

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ABA Grades 1-2

Parent Resources


POAC is nonprofit, and has a proven track record of providing services to children and adults with autism, their families, and the professionals who serve them. Since its inception POAC has provided training, services, outreach and support for thousands of people throughout New Jersey and across the country. The vast majority of these services are provided 100% free of charge. In addition, POAC funded the first statewide program for the early detection of and intervention for children with autism. POAC has partnered with universities and treatment centers to form programs that include researched-based procedures which have proven to be effective for those with autism. While many organizations exist to find a cause and cure for this developmental disability, POAC has focused its attention and resources on how best to help the children and families who are struggling with autism today. POAC strives to help individuals with autism achieve their highest potential in their homes, schools and communities.

Autism Speaks

This website has many valuable resources. It has research about all current news in the world of Autism Spectrum Disorders. There are family services links that include apps for iPads, Adult Services, Technology, Bullying, Health and Wellness, and videos. They list events that they sponsor throughout each state. There is a blog that you can read and comment on as well.

South Brunswick Public Library

As a 21st century library, SBPL is at the center of your community, offering nearly 100 free enrichment programs each month. Topics are based on your community's need and interest. They have free film presentations and concerts, seminars, ESL services and programs for families with special needs. Many of their programs are age specific and others are designed for the whole family.

Autism New Jersey

Autism New Jersey is a nonprofit agency committed to ensuring safe and fulfilling lives for individuals with autism, their families, and the professionals who support them. Through awareness, credible information, education, and public policy initiatives, Autism New Jersey leads the way to lifelong individualized services provided with skill and compassion. We recognize the autism communitys many contributions to society and work to enhance their resilience, abilities and quality of life.

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities

NICHCY offers you a wealth of information on disabilities! They serve the nation as a central source of information on disabilities in infants, toddlers, children, and youth. Here, you'll also find easy-to-read information on IDEA, the law authorizing early intervention services and special education. Their State Resource Sheets will help you connect with the disability agencies and organizations in your state. Read and freely share many articles and publications, sign up for a newsletter, and write or call for more personalized assistance. They are there to help.

South Brunswick Township

Look at this website for community wide events and specific events for children with disabilities.


At FunSense Gym, only trained therapy professionals will be working with your children. These therapy professionals have been educated in sensory processing, pediatric developmental stages and all of the many components related to a child with special needs. FunSense was developed with the idea that pediatric occupational therapy should be fun. It should address the needs of the entire family and should provide the reinforcement of skills development between traditional therapy sessions.

Princeton YMCA

The Princeton Family YMCA's Special Needs Adaptive Program (SNAP) is designed for individuals ages 5 through 21 with special needs. Recognizing the need for quality adaptive programming for individuals in the Princeton area, SNAP helps individuals gain confidence, promote independence and responsibility, socialize and work with others, as well as nurture a healthy and active lifestyle. All programs are lead by qualified, trained individuals who help promote a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

South Brunswick Family YMCA

  • Adaptive Swim Program This program is designed for those 12 months to 18 years of age with social, emotional or physical challenges. Swimmers will be encouraged to explore water through games, songs, play with water toys and interactions with instructors and peers. Swimming skills are taught through play activities.

Division of Developmental Disabilities

The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) has been providing and funding services for state residents with developmental disabilities since 1959. These supports and services are provided by more than 280 agencies in communities throughout the state, or in seven residential developmental centers that are administered by DDD.

Schafer School of Gymnastics

This gym offers classes for children with special needs. They offer group classes as well as private lessons. Instructors work with the parent and child to work towards achieving specific goals, both physically and socially. Through learning and success, children build confidence and self-esteem.


Student Resources

PBS Kids

Kids Discovery


Literacy Center

Leo the Language Learning Lobster

Learning Planet


I Spy

Word Family Sorts

Picture Match

Construct a Word

What's in the Bag?


iPad App List

($ = apps that cost money )

Social Skills

  • Stories 2 Learn $

  • My Picture Talk $

  • Strip Designer $

  • Keynote $

  • Everyday Social Skills $

  • Model Me Going Places

  • Every Day Skills by Attainment $

Speech/Communication (ALL $)

  • Sentence Builder

  • Question Builder

  • Conversation Builder

  • Preposition Builder

  • Language Builder

  • WH Questions at school

  • WH Questions at home

  • Understanding Inferences

Occupational Therapy

  • Touch Tutorial
  • $
  • Dexteria
  • $
  • Typing Test (Tap Typing)
  • $
  • Dot-to-Dot (Numbers & Letters)

  • Pocket Phonics

  • Draw Free

  • Color Studio



  • Preference Assessment

  • Choiceboard Creator

  • iPrompt $

  • Child Timer $


Sight Words/ Phonics

  • Dolch Words

  • Smarty Pants School $

  • Super Why $

  • Eflash Sight Words

  • Sight Words (free)

  • Alphabet Fun $

  • Alphabet Racing

  • Spelling Bug

  • Starfall $

  • Letter of the Day

  • Alphabet Find



  • The Monster at the End of This Book....
    Starring Grover! $

  • Dr. Seuss books $

  • When you grow up $

  • Daniel (Lite)

  • Monster Town 1

  • Amazing Race

  • Leveled Books
    - Make Lemonade M
    - Bananas B
    - Pizza B
    - Woody C
    - Falling D


  • Jungle Coins $

  • Jungle Time $

  • 10 Frame Fill

  • Times Tables

  • Grade 1 Math

  • Bills and Coins

  • Math board Addition

  • Ace Math Flash Cards

  • Math Play

  • Multiplication

  • Rocket Math

  • 1-2 Play

  • McGraw Hill $ (prices vary)


  • Trainer

  • Fluidity

  • Ruby Repeat

  • Falling Stars

  • Fluid Monkey