Third Grade

Third Grade Curriculum

The South Brunswick School District Curriculum being taught at the third grade level integrates the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) with developmentally-appropriate concepts. We teach for deep understanding of the "big ideas" in each content area, and we encourage students to wonder about the "essential questions."

Technology is integrated into instruction in meaningful ways. Students and teachers use digital tools and information to solve problems individually and collaboratively to create and communicate knowledge. (NJCCCS 8.1)

Third Grade Curriculum

Curriculum Highlights

Third grade units include Personal Narrative,Realistic Fiction, and Expository Writing. Writing strategies will be taught through mini lessons and conferencing. Some strategies include:paragraphing, use of sufficient details, effective word choice, transitional words and phrases to show time order, sentence combining, organizational options, punctuation rules, and grammar practices.

Students learn all the lowercase and uppercase letters of the d'nealian alphabet.

Reading skills are taught through the use of children's literature. Students will read a variety of genres including Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Multicultural Literature, and Traditional Literature. Besides learning about story elements, students learn strategies to use before, during, and after reading. Students learn how to predict, summarize information, question, clarify words and meaning, infer, make connections, and form and support opinions.

Units include: Place Value, Rounding and Regrouping, Time, Money, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Geometry, Area, Perimeter, Measurement, Probability, and Data Analysis.

Social Studies:
Units include: Map Skills, Lenape Native Americans, Immigration, and Ethnic Heritage

Units include: Earth, Sun, and Moon, Structures of Life (Crayfish and Hydroponics) and Water.

Research Projects:
The majority of the research projects will be completed in school, using resources from the library, computers, and the classroom. Students may be asked to bring materials from home to help them with their projects. Topics include: State, Child Like Me, and Ethnic Heritage Collage. Each project consists of a written paper, visual, and an oral presentation.

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Snack Policy

We have a healthy snack each morning. Some snack suggestions are: vegetables with dip, fruit, pretzels, crackers, cheese, and yogurt. Please be aware of food allergies in your child's classroom. Thank you for helping us keep all of our classmates safe and healthy!

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