Chain of Command

South Brunswick School District desires to respond to stakeholders concerns and/or questions as quickly and effectively as possible. In South Brunswick, the chain of command refers to communication levels of authority in the school district. The value of having an established Chain of Command is an efficient tool that provides a roadmap when reporting concerns or communicating with school staff members. Refer to the chain that best describes your need:

My Child’s Educational Needs
1. Teacher
2. Guidance Counselor
3. Content Supervisor (If Applicable)
4. Building Principal
5. Assistant Superintendent
of Curriculum
6. Superintendent
7. Board of Education

Special Education
1. Teacher
2. Case Manager
3. Special Education Supervisor
4. Director of Student Services
5. Superintendent
6. Board of Education

1. Building Principal
2. Director of Buildings
and Grounds
3. Business Administrator
4. Superintendent
5. Board of Education

1. Coach
2. Athletic Director
3. Building Principal
4. Superintendent
5. Board of Education

1. Teacher
2. Assistant Principal
3. Building Principal
4. Superintendent
5. Board of Education

1. Transportation Supervisor
2. Business Administrator
3. Superintendent
4. Board of Education